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2020. július 27. 01:31 - Putri Lestari Ayu

Is It Important Not Really Many Cameras in a Smartphone?


agen poker online.- Today's smartphones often feature large numbers of cameras and even the phrase "quad camera" seems to be a powerful phrase for marketing a smartphone.

Behind the large number of cameras on smartphones, what kind of cameras are really needed? In my opinion only a few are needed for daily activities for general users.

I myself classify smartphone cameras into three categories, which are mandatory cameras, good cameras if available, and cameras that are not really needed.

Required Cameras


Cameras in this category are required so that a cell phone can function like a smartphone. Without them, various important functions on smartphones will be lost.

Main Camera
This camera is essential for capturing the majority of one's life moments such as family activities or recording scenes when traveling.

Usually the main camera on smartphones today already uses a wide lens that can capture images with a medium viewing angle.

Besides being used to take pictures, the main camera on a smartphone can also function for various things such as for augmented reality and document scanning.

Front camera
The front camera on a smartphone is often used for selfies and vlogging. Especially in today's popular video content with the front camera to be shared on social networks.

For those who don't like selfies, including myself except for smartphone review needs, this camera is also useful for doing other activities such as video calls and for security such as data verification or for smartphone logins.

Data verification, especially related to banking or financial products, often requires a selfie with a KTP. If there is no front camera, this will certainly complicate the data verification process.

A good camera if you have one

full photo-3-700x525.jpg

Cameras in this category are actually not essential for a smartphone, but if there will be useful in various situations that are often found in daily activities.

Ultra Wide-angle camera
Have you ever been traveling and having difficulty capturing images of large buildings or wide views? Or take pictures of the whole family in a big family event? I believe this situation is often found.

Well this is where the role of the Ultra Wide-angle camera. The camera is capable of capturing photos with large areas easily.

Perhaps the question arises, why not just step back to capture a wider photo? Back to the question at the beginning, often also in these situations we are limited in the position of capturing photos either because they hit a wall or obstacles in the road.

Telephoto camera
This Telephoto camera mainly functions to enlarge the photo optically so that it can capture object photos from a distance more clearly.

This feature is useful when for example watching a concert and attending an event. Often in these cases our position lies in the distance compared to the object you want to photograph and it is not possible to approach the object image.

But this one camera is rather difficult to implement in a smartphone because it will make Smarpthone become fatter and also more expensive. Telephoto cameras with large magnifications are usually found in high-class mobile phones in circulation today.

A Camera That Is Not Necessary Required



Cameras in this category are not really needed in a smartphone. Without it, the use of smartphones for daily activities will not be felt any great effect except for those who do have certain needs.

Sensor Depth
This camera sensor is usually used to make bokeh effects better and also for augmented reality.

But in fact many smartphones can do bokeh well without using a depth sensor and relying more on photographic computing capabilities.

Examples can be seen on Pixel smartphones and iPhones that do not provide depth sensors but still good bokeh photos.

Macro Camera
The function of the macro camera is quite specific and may not often be found in daily activities, namely to photograph an object at a very close range.

Macro cameras are often found in middle and lower class smartphones today. And usually the quality of the camera isn't very good either. This camera might be more useful for those who have hobbies such as photographing insects or plants.

Monochrome Sensor
This camera is actually rarely found, its function is to capture images in black and white and to produce sharper photos.



Of all the cameras on smartphones, there are only two cameras that I think are important, namely the main rear camera and front camera. The more cameras in a smartphone are actually good, the mantra "more is better" applies here.

But if I have to choose two smartphones with the same price where one smartphone presents a few cameras but with good quality and another one presents a lot of cameras but standard photo quality, I personally would prefer a smartphone with a few cameras.

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